Do wasps have stingers like bees?



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    Yes, they do, though wasp stingers work a little differently than those of bees. Here’s a link to an article all about wasps.

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    Yes, wasps have stingers much like bees, but only specific species are actually dangerous and have to be feared. All of the stinging insects belong to the order Hymenoptera . One notable difference between wasps and bees is that wasps tend to sting repeatedly whereas bees often sting only once. This is because bees possess a type of “barbed stinger” that remains in the victim’s skin after he/she has been stung. 

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    There are some wasps that live in the tropics, like places like Panama, that are stingless. They do not have a stinger like bees or wasps found in the United States. They will swarm around you when disturbed, but have no ability to sting.

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    Wasps have stingers like bees but they differ on how they work. The stinger of bees gets detached from the abdominal segment causing the death of the bee later. But in wasps, the stinger does not detach but can sting and contnue to sting as long as it wishes and the victim is within its reach.

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