Do wasps eat bees?



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    Wasps are not known to eat bees.  Wasps, like bees, feed on pollen and nectar.  Adult paper wasps are also know to drink blood from caterpillars.

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    There is one particular species of wasp that feeds on bees. The asian giant hornet, is the world largest hornet, native to temperate and local Eastern Asia. These hornets often attack honey bee hives with the goal of obtaining honey bee larvae. A scout will check out the nest and then give off pheromones which will lead the other hornets to the hive’s location. The wasps are able to devastate an entire colony of honey bees within hours. Each hornet can kill as many as 40 honey bees per minute thanks to their large mandibles and a few hornets can kill off a population of 30,000 honey bees. The wasps will then feed on their honey and take the bee larvae back to their nests to feed their own larvae. 

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