Do walrus kill each other with their tusks?



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    Walrus males will tusk each other in displays for mating or for dominance, but not with the intent to kill. Occasionally scratches or other injuries will occur though. Tusks are mainly used to pull the walrus up onto ice, forage for food, and defend against predators like polar bears or killer whales.

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    There is definitely potential for walruses to kill each other with their tusks. Males will fight for mates, either to get them or protect them, and they will also fight to keep their territory. They will hurl themselves at one another (as much as a massive sea mammal can on land), swinging their heads around to hit their opponent. Given the amount of blubber on their bodies, it would require a good deal of force to get through the fat to actually kill another walrus using their tusks. Mostly, the losers (and sometimes the winners) will walk away with scars on their shoulders from the battle. However, walruses killing one another with their tusks can and has been done in nature.

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    They could, since tusks can grow to be 2-4 feet long and are made of ivory. Walruses use their tusks to fight with other males during mating season in order to earn the right to mate. When fighting one could kill another, but that is not their intentions. The ranking in the group is also dependent upon the length of the tusk; longer tusks denotes a higher ranking.

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