Do vultures have the best sense of smell of any bird?



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    A vulture’s sense of smell is very good, but not as good as the kiwi’s, a small flightless bird found in New Zealand. The kiwi, which is about the size of a chicken, has two nostrils at the lower end of its slender bill, which it uses to detect beetles, grubs and worms in the soil. 

    This issue seems to be a little contentious, however. A couple of sources cited the vulture as having the best sense of smell, while a couple more cited the albatross. However, an overriding number state that the kiwi is the bird with the best sense of smell. 

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    There are different varieties of vultures, and some cannot smell at all. The turkey vulture is capable of smelling and uses this ability to find food. Some argue that it has the strongest sense of smell of any bird, and this is based on part of the turkey vulture’s brain. The area of their brain responsible for processing smells is the largest in size of any bird. This is called the olfactory, and it allows them to smell carrion over a mile away. Not many birds are capable of smelling that far. 

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