Do volcanoes remain active for life?



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    No.  it is possible for a volcano to become extinct.  The three classifications to volcanoes are active, potentially active, and inactive, or active, dormant, and extinct. Here is a picture of an extinct volcano:

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    Volcanoes become inactive because their source moves or becomes inactive itself. Volcanoes are caused by a crack or break in the earths crust that allows magma to seep through. This can occur where two plates are moving in opposite directions (sea floor spreading) or where two different plates meet and one is being sucked under the other. In the later, there are areas where the plates do not meet completely and magma can seep up. There are also ‘hot spots’, where there is a hole in a plate. This causes island chains, like Hawaii, because the volcano is active in one area for a while (forming an island), then the plate moves through natural plate tectonics and a new island is started in the hot spot’s new location. 

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