Do vipers have horns?



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    Some do. The North American Sidewinder, a species of rattlesnake, has small horns above their eyes. The horns on this pit viper are speculated to function as protection from sand and other environmental factors for their eyes. Sidewinders are also known as desert horned vipers, and they can be found in North America, the Middle East, and Africa.

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    Some vipers have horns, but not all. Not even all horned vipers, especially the young, have horns. Horned vipers, like the horned desert viper, usually have two small horns above each eye. The purpose of the horns is really unknown, but some specialists say it’s to protect the eyes of the viper, when they burrow underground, or they are possibly just there for camouflage. The gaboon viper, has nasal horns. Vipers without horns include cobras.

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