Do vegetarians miss out on essential nutrients found in meat?



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    Not necessarily, but any dietary lifestyles require a lot of attention and dedication to make sure you are getting enough of essential vitamins and minerals. This requires careful planning and attention to detail. For insance, vegetarian diets are criticized for not providing enough vitamins, protein, calcium, carbohydrates, zinc, and iron. Like I mentioned though it is entirely possible to get everything you need in a vegetarian diet with careful planning and attention to detail. 

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    Vitamin B12. People use this as a basis to claim that humans are meant to eat meat, because B12 is essential to normal function of the brain and nervous system as well as for blood formation. B12 is actually in bacteria that lives in the intenstines or gut of the animal (like cows), and the bacteria also found in soil. If you eat dirt, you might be consuming a good amount of vitamin B12, but I would not suggest doing that. Going by this, it seems that the easiest and most common sense way of getting B12 is through consuming animal products. Do not fear, many cereals are fortified with the stuff, as well as soy products, energy bars, and nurtitional yeast. Unreliable sources claim that you can also get sufficient amount of vitamin B12 through laver (seaweed), barley grass and fermented products.Some other sources claim that humans’ intenstinal tracts contains bacteria that produces B12, but that might not be enough.

    Everything else I think you can find plant sources for.

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