Do vegetarians get energy from their b12 shots?



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    B12 shots, also known as cobalamin shots, are complex and hard for the body to absorb (easting green veggies helps absorb the shot).  Despite this, the shots are growing in popularity for a variety of reasons.  B12 shots can be used as an energy source for really anyone.  Most the time it is used for people with anemia or a B12 deficiency.  The growing popularity means growing reasons to recieve the shot.  Reduction in stress level, weight loss, and treatment for certain skin diseases are the more common uses.  B12 shots should not be administered without talking with a doctor first. 

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    Vegetarians don’t necessarily need B12 shots to acquire energy. Good sources of B12 include eggs, milk and cheese It is thus more difficult for vegans, who don’t eat any animal products to obtain adequate B12, but there are ways without resorting to the shots. Some foods, such as TVP (textured vegetable protein), soy milk, yeast extracts, cereal and vegetable stocks are fortified with B12. 

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    Vegans do require B12 vitamins, or foods fortified with B12 as they do not eat any animal products.  Unless there is a problem, they should not need B12 shots.  Eggs, milk and cheese will provide enough B12 that it isn’t a problem for most vegetarians.

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