Do vampire bats really drink blood? Do they ever prey on humans?



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    Vampire Bats vill suck your vlood!

    Vampire bats normally consume the blood of cows, pigs, and horses. It is considered a livestock pest. Contrary to popular myth they do not seek out humans as prey. Humans are mammals similar to the animals they prey on, so its not illogical to assume it happens every so often. As long as they are not infected their bites are hardly lethal. They are tiny bats and consume only a small amount of blood per feeding (two tablespoons per day). In addition they excrete a clot-inducing saliva to help the wound to stop bleeding. In reality Vampire bats are not that scary.

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    The diet of the common vampire bat actually consists entirely of blood, and they are the only mammal with that type of dietary restriction. Found in Mexico, Central America, and South America, vampire bats most often prey on cattle and horses while they are asleep. They have been known to attack humans, although it is not very common. They do not consume enough blood at one time to harm their host, and their saliva even acts as an anticoagulant to prevent clotting.

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    Vampire bats do need to drink blood in order to survive but they prefer the blood of cattle to people.  In Peru, their native land, they mostly feed off of the cattle but in areas where cattle is scarce, the people do see an increase in the number of attacks on people.  The bite is superficial but these bites are the reason to blame for outbreaks of rabies.   

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