Do vacuum cleaners use a lot of energy?



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    Vacuum cleaners use an average amount of energy compared to other household appliances. The typical wattage of a vacuum cleaner is somewhere between 1000 and 1440 watts (obviously some brands or models may be more or less). For reference, a clock radio uses about 10 watts, a ceiling fan uses between 65 and 175 watts and a water heater uses 4500 to 5500 watts. Any item that has a motor that runs or creates heat of some sort tends to use more energy than something using more of a constant flow of energy like a TV or light bulb. Using your vacuum to clean when you need it is not going to blow your power bill up or have a huge impact on your carbon footprint. If you obsessively vacuum for 3 hours a day it might, but average use is not much to worry about. 

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