Do birds use abandoned nests?



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    Yes, some birds do this and some do not. Some birds reuse their nests year after year, however, most build new nests before the mating season to care for the eggs that will soon be lain and hatched.

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    Some birds such as eagles, will actually return to their nest from the previous year and continually add on to it. Other birds such as robins will find their old nest, and build another in proximity to it.

    Starlings have been known to steal Sparrow’s nests. Cuckoo birds will lay their eggs in another birds nest and have the other birds raise her young!

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    Some birds used abandoned nests as their readymade homes.

    These creatures really know how to set the “reduce, reuse, and recycle” standard and use the immediate materials available to them! House Sparrows fill empty holes in walls or trees to make their nests, while house wrens aren’t at all particular in where they build; they’ve been known to even use old boots and the pockets of scarecrows’ shirts! How cute! J

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    It depends on the bird. Some are very picky and wish to create their own nests, but many will make use of old nests if they are appropriate. There are even some birds that don’t build nests at all, but simply make use of discarded or abandoned nests of other animals. Then there are those that don’t nest at all, such as Emperor Penguins, which incubate eggs on their feet.

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