Do urban gardens promote social cohesion?



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    Yes I do believe that uban gardens promote social cohesion.  Urban gardening can be seen as another activity for social gathering, just like meeting people at a pub or at a charity event.  It’s an opportunity for like-minded people to meet other like-minded people.  According to the link below, urban gardens in low-income neighborhoods were four times as likely as non low-income gardens to lead to other issues in the neighborhood being addressed.  Urban gardens serve as a symbolic focus for some neighborhoods.  They lead to further neighborhood organizing by providing a physical location for residents to meet each other, socialize, learn about other organizations and activities/issues in their local community.

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    I think that they do. My university recently put aside a few plots for students to work with and grow on, and it’s becoming one of the nicest places on campus. There’s a sense of camaraderie when you’re out gardening and there’s other people with you that are also interested in the same thing. It’s like the bond between people who frequent the same shelves in a bookstore.

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    Yes, urban gardens can result in a social atmosphere that is very positive for the participants. There are even programs in some of the inner cities that involve getting troubled teen-agers into gardening and working at the plots. This gives them something constructive to do and a positive atmosphere to interact with other people, young and old. They also learn skills for maintaining their own gardens and why proper nutrition is important. Urban gardens can really bring a community together and promote very positive attitudes.

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