do u think of other things to not to protect our earth , selfish people?

i think people can stop making worst and they can use bus or taxi instead of private car



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    For many places, especially in the US, it is literally impossible to use public transportation most of the time.

    There is no taxi service or bus service in my home town, for example.

    Try not to judge people; you often don’t know their personal circumstances.

    Instead, try to educate and hopefully people will make informed choices in the future.

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    As mentioned above, public transportation, at least in America, isn’t what it could be. Its not so simple as everyone taking public transportation all the time. Again, mentioned already, is that freeways have replaced many roads for buses and trains to travel. You can’t go everywhere with buses and trains, especially the further away from urban areas you get. Also, there are bad stigmas about using public transportation, like being poor, or that weirdos ride these systems, and people don’t like dealing with that. If all cities had monorail and subway systems, more people would probably be more open to its possibilities, but you would also have to convince them that it is both efficient and safe.

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