do u think the easiest and quickest way to treat global warming would be for everyone start planting tons of trees?



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    That’s definitely one way!

    There are so many changes we can make in our daily lives that would help resolve the problem, as these minute changes become big changes when we work together collectively. Some ways are educating ourselves, of course, and learning to minimizing our waste, buy organic, monitor our energy usage, etc…

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    It could help, but it still is a temporary fix because once the trees die that carbon they stored will be put back into the carbon cycle. The best way to combat global warming would be to stop using fossil fuels altogether, and instead get Obama and our Congress to print another 3 trillion dollars to install solar panels and wind energy plants to provide energy to everyone in the US. Why not.

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    No. We are quickly running out of land due to overpopulation and industrial expansion. There are not many areas left that we can designate to tree growth, at the exponential rate that humans are reproducing. Also, trees take a long time to grow to their full capacity, so it wouldn’t be the quickest way. People need to *immediately* stop being so wasteful with energy, water, and consumer products.

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