Do two people ever have the same dream?



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    “In 1966 Hall and Van De Castle published The Content Analysis of Dreams in which they outlined a coding system to study 1,000 dream reports from college students”

    What this study found is that people (at least of the same age) generally dream about the same subjects (emotions such as anxiety, pain aind fear are common, as are sexual dreams)

    However, since dreams are so open to interpretation, and we cannot remember every detail of our dreams, it is highly unlikely that two people have ever had EXACTLY the same dream, only similar dreams. Reccuring dreams arfe a different story, people have the same dream more than once fairly regularly (70% of females and 65% of males reported reccuring dreams in this study).

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    Yeah, I agree with the above… people do dream about the same concepts and ideas, but no two people will ever share the exact same dreams, sensory perceptions, emotions, and/or feelings because our brains all work differently. We’re sort of like snowflakes in our individuality… but we do all share with each other almost infinite similarities as well … it’s a paradox.

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