Do turtles ever get too old to breed?



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    I guess it is one of those cases where it is hard to say they are too old just because it doesn’t happen.  However, here is one story of an elderly turtle breeding attempt that failed. An 80 year old female Yangtze giant soft shelled turtle (and the last one known to be alive on the planet) mated with an 100 year old male in 2008.  However, the eggs which resulted from the mating did not hatch.  So whether it means they are actually too old to breed, or this attempt was just unsuccessful for some reason it is hard to say, maybe they will try again and prove that turtles cannot be too old to reproduce.

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    Elderly turtles have trouble breeding.  In 2008, scientists made an effort to breed two endangered turtles – Yangtze giant soft shell turtles – in a zoo in Suzhou, China.  The male was 100 years old and the female was 80 years old.  Although they did successfully mate with each other, but the eggs failed to hatch.

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