do turtle bodies disinegrate when they die?



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    Well, usually their bodies are eaten by a myriad of bottom feeders that live in oceans and lakes. The bones and shell that are hard to eat will eventually break apart because of rot, just the way any animals’ body does.

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    Yes, the soft tissue part of a turtle will dissolve quickly because bacteria and other organisms can readily use the nutrients found there. The bones and shell of a turtle, however will take much longer to decompose. Human remains take around 200 years to decompose, so turtles shells and bones should take around that long to break apart. This also varies depending on the acidity of the soil the turtle is decomposing in and if there is pressure breaking apart the bones and shell. Things in warmer climates also break apart faster.

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    The soft parts of turtles will be eaten by other organisms including fish if the turtle dies in the water or birds like vultures. The breakdown will also include bacteria and other decomposers working on the tissues.

    The shell and bones will remain for a long time in the environment because they are calcium. At times you can find a shell in the woods that is from a turtle that has died in the past.

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