Do wind turbines in the ocean hurt animals?



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    According to Danish research, offshore wind farms have very little impact on the environment, both during construction and during operation. The bases of the wind turbines accumulate bio-mass (i.e. algae, etc.) which may actually attract larger ranges of fish. Evidence also shows that there are few collisions of water birds with the turbines.

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    Linking bird mortality to the installation of wind turbines has been a common eco-myth. The truth is, “wind turbines aren’t all that much dangerous than any object that might stick up in the middle of a field.” The same thing applies for underwater ocean turbines. It is not that difficult for the animals to navigate away from these turbines with the exception of rare occasions when they get too close to the gravitational pull. Even so, they don’t use razor sharp blades for turbines so they won’t be that much of a hazard to the animals. Most fish that get sucked into the gravitational pull of the turbines would most likely just go through the other end, unaffected.

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