Do trout species need running water to spawn?



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    It depends on the species of trout.  Most trout species, including brown trout, cutthroat trout, and rainbow trout spawn in running water.  Lake trout, on the other hand, stay in their lakes and generally spawn in shallow areas along the lake’s edge.

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      It is a bit of a myth that brown trout (Salmo trutta) must have running water in which to spawn. I know of at least one water in the English Lake District that holds a breeding population of wild brown trout called Blind Tarn that has neither influent or effluent and is fed purely by mountain runoff (I can attach a photograph of a trout I’ve caught there if you wish. There are even some fair sized trout in this barren and rather inhospitable tarn though I returned everything I caught last month). The Freshwater Biological Association based in Windermere can confirm this tarn’s ‘blindness’ and head of fish as can some of the flyfishing forums. Useful links: Black Beck Tarn in the Buttermere Fells is another possible Lake District example though this has a peatbog influent and a streamy effluent.

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