Do trees produce carbon dioxide as well?



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    They actually do the opposite! When a tree (or any plant) photosynthesizes, it takes carbon dioxide and water and, through a series of chemical reactions, turns them into glucose (which the plant uses for food) and oxygen (which it releases into the atmosphere). So trees take the gases animals and humans produce, and gives back oxygen that we breathe!

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    While living trees and other plants take in CO2 as a carbon source and produce oxygen.  When they die and decompose, they will eventually release CO2 back into the atmosphere, at a relatively slow rate.

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    The process of respiration in Plants & trees takes oxygen from the atmosphere to produce energy to ensure growth and development while releasing CO2. This chemical process is just the reverse of photosynthesis and occurs in both light and dark.

    C6H12O6 + 6O2 –> 6CO2 + 6H20 + energy

    There is another chemical process called Calvin cycle(used for carbon-fixation) that occurs only in dark and in photosynthetic plants. It helps to explain why and how much CO2 is released during the formation of carbohydrates (that is photosynthesis) ? normal.

    So in both cases, Plants do release CO2



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    Yes, plants, like other organisms grow through the process of cellular resperation. This is when the sugars produced during photosynthesis are broken down into energy so the plant can grow. PLants need to releaser CO2 in order to grow, however they produce and release far more Oxygen through photosynthesis than CO2 through cellular resperation.

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