Do trees lose ALL of their leaves during fall?



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    The Free Dictionary online defines deciduous as

    “1. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Botany) (of trees and shrubs) shedding all leaves annually at the end of the growing season and then having a dormant period without leaves Compare evergreen [1]”

    So it would seem that trees that lose all leaves are defined as deciduous.

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    To expand on that, trees can also be evergreen (leaves all year round) or semi-deciduous or semi-evergreen, meaning that the tree loses old foilage as it generates new foilage or that the tree keeps some leaves during the dry season/winter.

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    Conifers don’t lose all their leaves in the winter–this has been an evolutionary adaption of conifers in order to protect them from harsh winters.

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    I used to live in Texas and even though temperatures get cooler in the fall time, many deciduous trees did not lose their leaves. It depends on the location/ temperature/tree as well.

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