Do trees have any natural protection against fire?



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    Some trees grow thicker bark to protect themselves against mild fires, especially in the taiga (coniferous forests). However, wildfires are not inherently negative — they are necessary to prevent overgrowth and to refertilize soil.

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    Eastern redcedar’s natural protection against fire is that its foliage does not burn very well.

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    In addition to growing thicker bark, some trees, like the Ponderosa Pine, develop a deep root system as well as lose their lower branches with age.  With their more flammable parts above the level of surface fires, they are less susceptible to major damage.

    Oak trees have a symbiotic relationship with a type of fungi called mycorrhiza that live on the roots of the oak tree and help provide it with water and nutrients. After a fire, these fungi help jumpstart the tree back to good health.  

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