Do Toyotas last longer than any other type of vehicle?



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    It’s impossible to say if for sure they do, but many tests have shown that they are one of the hardiest cars on the market. BBC did a multitude of tests on Toyotas and showed that they will still start up even after being on fire, submerged in water, crashed, etc.

    I actually drive a Toyota myself (a ’93 Corolla) and even after 17 years, it works just fine. Some years ago I think my dad had a small problem with the car where it wouldn’t start, but he managed to fix it within a week or two. In the couple of years I’ve been driving it I haven’t had any problems with it, and I’ve put it through some tough spots. It’s withstood things from the Nevada desert to driving through puddles so large the water was over the hood.

    My friend’s dad has the same car as me and he’s driven through rivers daily with it (it was necessary to get to his job) and he says it works fine too. I’ve only heard good things about how long Toyotas last.

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