Do towns that live near coal plants have ash all over them?



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    Coal plants don’t produce ash as much as they do “fine matter particulates” (which are basically tiny pieces of ash, in a way). There have been numerous studies done that have link people’s lung and heart health with their proximity to coal plants. China recently has been experiencing the negative effects of the pollution released from the production of energy from coal… cancer rates have noticeably increased in highly polluted areas. These results match those findings of studies performed in the United States as well. It’s safe to say that you don’t want to live near a coal plant… but it’s not like there is black or white ash all over the place like snow on the ground in the towns nearby! We have come a long way since the industrial revolution (and the case of the English Peppered Moth) in the way of filtering out what we can from the air before it is released into the environment— basically our environmental standards have gotten better, so it’s not that bad anywhere, anymore.

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