Do tourists use any natural resources when they travel?



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    Of course. They eat natural resources, they consume them as fuels (if they drive or ride in vehicles), use them when they take showers or heat their hotel rooms, employ them when they take pictures, and in many more ways.

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    Yes, as the previous poster said, people, not just tourists, use natural resources in their daily lives. The question is how much of them they use. Tourists can make their traveling experience more green in many ways:

    • Walking to sites or using public transportation instead of renting a car.
    • Choosing green hotels and companies (note: beware of greenwashing)
    • Packing lightly, and using a minimal amount of plastic when packing.
    • Buying local products or produce.
    • Minimizing water and electricity consumption. Many tourists stop worrying about conservation because they don’t have to pay for the resources they use in the hotel. However, this often leads to wasteful behavior.

    So, yes, tourists are bound to use natural resources, but they can limit their consumption.

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    Yes. Examples would be flying. You drive to the airport, consuming gasoline and all of the other things associated with driving. The plane uses jet-fuel. When you get there, you eat food, drink water, shower (I’m hoping!), use lighting, etc. Then, you fly back, doing it all over again.

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