Do thrift stores ever get rid of clothing that have been in the store for a long time?



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    I can answer this anecdotally, attributing to my own adventures in late-night dumpster-diving. I have looked in the dumpsters of a number of thrift stores, including the that of the $alvation Army (misspelled so as not to incriminate) and other, smaller thrift stores. I have found MANY items of clothing that were perfectly good, but were thrown out for one reason or another. On some thrift store tags, they had the date that the clothing items had been donated written on them…and most of them were dated from a year or more ago. So yes, thrift stores do in fact throw out clothes. Disappointing, right?

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      That is disappointing. I recently made a commitment to purchasing secondhand only. I’ll have to ask what happens to items that don’t get purchased from the places I choose to shop at. I’ve been trying to review my experience with secondhand stores here –

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    Yes, thrift stores do clean out their inventory from time to time to make room for new stock.  Usually it is items that have been in the store for some time without being purchased.  Some donated items which are damaged or too worn may also be discarded without being put into the store’s stock.

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    Some thrift stores also donate their surplus clothing or clothing that wont sell to homeless shelters.  So while they may need to get rid of items for one reason or another, some choose to do it in a way that will still help those in need.  Additionally, they may have to throw out some items that were donated which are not of usable quality, so while it is dissapointing to see them throw things out, there may be some items that are donated which just don’t make sense to try and sell or give away, like underwear or torn clothing.

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    I found this in search of the same answers. thank you~

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