Do they make cigarettes without nicotine and the tar?



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    The answer is sort of. While there are companies that produce nicotine free cigarettes and there are companies that produce tar free cigarettes, there are no companies I could find that produce a cigarette free from both. As a marketing gimmick, there are a number of cigarettes that advertise as selling “non-habit forming” cigarettes that remove the nicotine, which in turn removes the addictive nature of the cigarette. There are other brands that remove the smoke from the cigarette leaving only the nicotine fix that smokers crave; some companies even go so far as to say that their cigarettes are ‘green’ because they don’t pollute the air or require tobacco cultivation. The reality is that there is no such thing as a safe cigarette, just as there is no safe way to inhale smoke of any kind. Tar is a result of the partial combustion of tobacco and other plants, which can only be removed by removing the combustion process itself; thus tar free cigarettes are smoke free cigarettes. Many smokeless cigarette companies have gotten in trouble by advertising their product as a safer cigarette, and both types of cigarettes (tar and nicotine free) have been warned against advertising their products as a way to quit smoking. If anything, these products are the lesser of two evils and should be viewed with skepticism.

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