Do they let anyone in the Iditarod?



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    No. The following qualifications are required for any musher that wishes to participate in the “Last Great Race on Earth:”
    • he/she is 18 years of age as of the starting date of the Race;
    • he/she has completed a prior Iditarod Race; or
    • he/she has completed the Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race prior to signing up or entering the Iditarod Race, or;
    • for the 2010 race, after July 1, 2007, he/she has completed two approved qualifying races with an accumulated total of at least 500 miles and he/she finished in the top 75% of the field or in an elapsed time of no more than twice the time of the winner; and
    • he/she during such approved qualifying races demonstrated the necessary physical and mental aptitude and preparedness, as well as the necessary wilderness and mushing skills.
    • If a rookie musher completed the 2009 or later Iditarod as far as the Yukon River within the top 75% of the field or in an elapsed time of no more than twice the elapsed time of the lead musher at the time, he/she will be considered to have completed a 300 mile qualifier.
    • Mushers must exemplify the spirit and principles of the Iditarod Trail Committee as set forth in the rules, policies, bylaws and mission statement.

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