do they have a green evironment friendly computer

This would be a great idea



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    Yes they do. Apple makes quite environmentally conscious products. The link cited below discusses what to look for in an eco-friendly laptop and also has several product recommendations. 

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    Many computer companies are selling their products as “green” but this is mostly a marketing ploy known as green-washing.  It is a technique used to make the consumer feel better about what they are buying, when really, these claims don’t hold water.  

    Greenpeace publishes an electronic buyers guide that rates electronic products.  They are rated on many different criteria including: energy usage, toxics, e-waste and business practices.  According to the most recent guide published in May 2010, Apple, Sony and HP computers are all about the same in “eco-friendliness”.


    Below is a link to the guide.

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    Here is an interesting list of environmentally-friendly computers:



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