Do these sentences make sense? Am I explaining the word “executive” correctly in my own words?

1. The part of a government’s job, the responsibility of a government that changes the law.
2. A group of people who is responsible of a company or an organization.
3. An important businessman or businesswoman.
4. Having the ability to change important laws and decisions.



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    None of those are really proper sentences.

    As definitions 2 & 3 are understandable, more or less. Assuming you mean the executive branch of a government, it is not the branch that changes laws. So #1 and #4 are not really statements about the executive branch of government.

  2. mle
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    I’m sure that you are aware that none of those four statements are complete sentences.

    You have the general idea; I do have a few comments.

    1.  The legislative branch of the government creates and changes laws; the executive branch of government is charged with carrying out (executing) laws.

    2.  A group of people who are responsible for a company or an organization.

    3.  No comments 🙂

    4.  Executives have the ability to change policy and decisions for companies; but not laws of the government.  Executive in the business sense is different from the executive branch of the government.

    Good job – keep on!

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