Do termites look like ants?



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    While termites and ants do share similarities, they can be distinguished.  The easiest way to tell a termite from an ant is to look at the insect’s midsection.  If the insect’s abdomen is narrow and constricted, you are looking at an ant.  A termite has a wide waist that does not slim around the midsection.  There are also differences in the antennae.  Ants have crooked or “elbowed” antenna, while termites have relatively straight antenna.

    Ant and termite side by side



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    Termites and ants do share many similarities. They both have three body segments, antennae, and six-legs, like all insects. Ants tend to have a harder body covering (exoskeleton) dark in coloration while the body of a termite is soft and white. Ants have elbow antennae and termites have straight.

    Behaviorally both are social insects. Ants are often seen out walking around while termites may be observed less because they are feeding inside of wood that has fallen to the ground or in moist areas of your house.

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    Of course yes. Both are athropods; have jointed appendages; three segments of head, thorax and abdomen; social insects; with or without wings, lay eggs; have some form of protection to the colony; and  store their food. Besides these similarities, there are several distinctions between the duo. While ants tend to have hard exoskeleton, that of termites is soft.

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