Do tears remove toxins from the body?



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    No.  Tears are actually full of good things that keep our eyes healthy, including lysozymes, which are natural antibiotics.  The other two ingredients in tears are saltwater and mucus, which keep the eye moist and protect it from harm.  So yeah, don’t be afraid to cry if you feel like it!

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    From a biological and physical level, tears are just saltwater and liquid that cleane and protect the eyes. When we get something into our eyes and we tear up, from say a harsh substance in our eyes or a particle, the eyes will tear up so as to get rid of the alleged toxin. So, it does try to remove foreign particles and substances from the eye. From an emotional level, tears help to express either emotional intensity, pain or joy. It helps us to release this emotional energy, and after a good cry our immune system is increased and our endorphin levels are higher as well. Thus, crying is a self-healing expression of human emotion as well as a necessary biological component.

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