Do teacup chihwahwa’s live for a long time?



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    It depends on what you consider to be a “long” life expectancy for a dog. However, chihuahuas are known to be a breed with long life expectancies. Teacup Chihuahuas usually have a life expectancy of 13 to 17 years. However, other sources have also stated that a chihuahua can live anywhere from 11 to 18 years.  

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    Yes, teacup chihuahuas can enjoy a lifespan of anywhere between 11 and 18 years. It is recommended that owners of these dogs make a committment to caring for them for at least this long. It is important to note that the due to the increased popularity of these animals, chihauhau breeders have been known to try and breed smaller teacups so that they would sell better. This has caused health problems in a wide variety of the species which may affect its overall lifespan.

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