Do tadpoles have any predators?



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    According University of Michigan research, tadpoles can sense when a nearby predator releases chemicals into the water, and will swim to the bottom of the pond for shelter.

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    Yes! Tadpoles have predators including fish, fish spiders, newts, pond snails, dragonflies, crayfish, snakes, and herons. The types of predators depend on what region the tadpole habitat is in.

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    Dragonfly larvae and giant waterbugs can actually catch tadpoles in the water and eat them.

    In the tropics some eggs are laid on leaves overhanging the streams and tadpoles develop here before falling into the water at a stage when they are big enough to survive in the water. Snakes and insects will feed on the eggs and early stages of the tadpoles on the leaves.

    Fish are also predators of tadpoles in areas where fish and tadpoles are found together – at times the female frog will choose a pond that does not have fish so her tadpoles have less competition and predators.

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