Do tabletop composters smell bad?



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    All depends on the compost you put in.  The more food items you have, genrally the worse they will smell.  We’ve recently changed to a compost bin under our sink.  This allows us to use as much of our foodwaste as possible without the often nasty and unsightly results.

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    It depends on how the composter is maintained. In my own experience, the composter we have is not very big—probably only 2 or 3 gallon’s worth of space—and because it gets filled quickly it gets emptied into our outdoor compost big fairly regularly. It also helps that it has a filter in the lid that helps to mitigate carbon emissions from the composting items inside and helps to control odors. It can start to have a slight odor or attract fruit flies if it is left for too long, particularly in the summer when the kitchen gets hotter, but overall it’s not too bad.

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    Yes. There are ways to deal with this, but consider: you’re allowing the decomposition process to take place on a tabletop. Bacteria produce methane and other bad smelling gasses when they eat bio-matter. It is not a bad idea to tabletop compost, but keep it simple, keep it small, and maybe not in the middle of the table. That being said, they are really not that unpleasant, but don’t expect to get away with no smell! Happy composting!

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