Do swans normally migrate to Tennessee?

About a month ago a swan showed up on our lake in TN. It has no bands or any forms of identification that i can see and it does make some noise. It appears healthy and active. No mate seen.Will it stay here year round. Our lake does not usually freeze as it is part of the TN river.



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    Some swan species are migratory, but the bird people think of when they hear “swan” is usually the mute swan. Here’s a distribution map.

    Here is an ebird map of mute swan distribution

    It looks like Tennessee is part of their normal range. They are non-migratory, instead making “short distance, seasonal movements dictated by weather.” They mate for life, though it is not uncommon for them to be seen alone. Breeding or harsh weather may drive the swan elsewhere. Sometimes, they can be seen as pests though, as they are highly terretorial, displaying aggression to humans and other waterfowl. If it causes no such disruption, then it certainly is awesome to have a swan to watch in your lake.

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