Do seeds survive through the digestive system of animals?



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    Yes. Many seeds have evolved to survive an animal’s digestive system, using the animal as a form of dispersal throughout the forest. Gorillas are considered a keystone species in rainforests since their seed dispersal is so important to the health and growth of the forest.

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    Yes, they do. In fact, some seeds need to pass through the digestive system of animals in order to germinate. Many researchers have studied seeds and animal consumption, for example in the deserts of Argentina. Other researchers have emphasized the importance of birds and seed dispersal for rainforest restoration as well. There is plenty of interesting information out there, and I urge you to explore this area of ecology.

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    Many seeds are within the fleshy fruit that attracts animals. When they eat it, they also consume the seeds which are then deposited in the animal’s waste, creating a system of seed dispersal. Some examples of this are fig-eating bats, which disperse fig seeds. Aardvarks eat and transport the seeds of African melons. Birds often consume and transport seed, and some seeds even use the time in bird’s digestive tracks to prepare for germination.

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