Do suburban citizens want public transportation, or are they satisfied with relying on cars?

Would people in U.S. suburbs embrace light rail or improved bus service if it allowed them to save money over driving? Or is the extra cost worth it to have independence and not have to rely on a public transit schedule?



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    There are some suburbs that already have mass transit.  For example, Evanston (a suburb of Chicago) has the L and it works out very well.  Many suburbs of Los Angeles have mass transit that take you to and from Los Angeles and other places.  Another popular form of mass transit for suburbs is commuter rail. Most metro areas have it and it seems to be working out very well.  I believe that suburbs of major cities would greatly appreciate it and it would be worthwhile.  However, I’m not sure how effective it would be for suburbs of smaller towns, because then there is no reason for the suburbanites to want mass transit because there is really nowhere for them to go. 

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    I think one of the reasons why some people move to the suburbs is for that independence and privacy. They like having their own property and essentially not having to share anything. On the other hand, some suburbs are much cheaper and easier to raise a family in than the city, so public transportation would come in handy. This is where metrolinks become very popular, espeically where I live. I live in a suburb of Los Angeles, so many people take the metrolink into the city for work. 

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