Do sports hurt the environmental movement because they are so important in our society?



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    As big a sports fan as I am, many sporting events possibly cause more harm than good. While many facilities are now distributing plastic bags to place recyclables into to tailgaters, there is still a lot of waste produced at sporting events, topped with thousands of people making the commute in their own car, since many places do not have a reasonable form of public transportation, or are located outside of the major city.

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    Yeah, maybe they do… Sometimes I think sports are distractions — they take our minds off things we should think about more often (like the State of the [Global] Union [there still isn’t one…]; the problems of climate change; our resource allocation; world hunger; poverty; this list is too long and truly disturbing, so I’ll stop here) — but I don’t think that sports are actually hurting the environmental movement that much. There is no reason why we can’t take sports in general and try to make them more sustainable — and if this means banning (or altering) certain sports which are deemed unsustainable or too costly to our environment (in practice, OUR WELL-BEING) then so be it. In the future I believe the point of some sports will actually be to see which team (or individual) can create the most energy! Then the participants at home can plug in their cellphones and know that they are getting some juice from the very athletes they admire and adore so much — then we will really owe them something!

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    I don’t think the idea of sports is detrimental to the environmental movement. Many practices involved in professional sports however, are damaging to the environment. Travel, which seems to be an impossible aspect of sports to get rid of, certainly has its impact on the environment. Hopefully, teams will soon try to use more efficient means of travel as best and as frequently as possible. 

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