Do south Americans or North Americans have a healthier diet?



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    Although Americans are infamous for fast food and obesity, the general wealth of Canada and the United States is higher than that of South American countries. Healthier food is often more accessible to people living in wealthier nations, and wealthier people can afford the higher prices associated with health foods.

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    I’m not sure if I entirely agree with the other answer. Yes the United States is a wealthier nation as a whole, but there is a huge disparity in the distribution of wealth. There is still a large population of people in the United States who have a very unhealthy diet because they cannot afford to buy healthy foods. We also have the problem with Americans eating too much food and too much bad food. I’ve attached a link that discusses eating habits in Latin Americans and how it’s very healthy. I’ve also attached a link about poor eating habits of Americans. 

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    I too would say that the North American diet is unhealthier. The prevalence of fast food, and the desire for quick, cheap meals is rampant. As well, the government of the U.S. subsidized corn, and corn syrup is found in so many different products. It is very unhealthy, and makes food far more addictive. Lack of exercise and unhealty diets are unfortunately very common in North American lifestyles.

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    South Americans definitely have a more diverse, nutritious diet. Mexico is home to hundreds of types of corn, whereas only a handful of varieties are a staple of American agriculture. This diversity reduces the chance for unintentional GMO consumption, thereby reducing the chance for malnutrition and health complications. Hope I helped, and have a green day!

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