Do some reptiles reproduce by cloning?



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    Yes, there is a known species of lizards that reproduces by parthenogenesis, known as self-fertilization or “cloning”. This is typically an evolutionary response against the possibility of extinction due to hazardous environments, pollution, or overhunting.

    One lizard species, Leiolepis ngovantrii, was found in southern Vietnam. After scientists, Dr. Ngo Van Trii and Dr. Lee Grismer, sampled their DNA, the lizards were found to all be female and all be clones of their mothers. Though these lizards have long been eaten in Vietnam, and are known to locals, scientists only recently discovered them.

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    About one percent of lizard species are single-gendered and can reproduce by parthenogenesis, the process of self-fertilization and cloning. One such recently discovered lizard is Leiolepis ngovantrii, which is actually a long standing popular food in Vietnam and only recently discovered to reproduce this way.

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