Do some cows produce healthier milk than others?



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    Yes. Cows that are generally better fed and allowed to graze more have been shown to produce better quality of natural milk than those cows that are shackled up in some dairy farms. However, the pasteurization process makes pretty much all milk from any cow the same. That is why you don’t see a lot of lawsuits for bad milk being sold to a consumer.

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    I’m not really a die hard eater of organic stuff…I choose it when I can.
    But organic milk is definitely healthier than the alternative. This article is written by someone who doesn’t like milk generally, and she says the same.
    Organic milk comes from cows that have limited exposure to antibiotics, pesticides, and bovine growth hormone. Apparently, bovine growth hormone has been linked to cancer.
    Short answer: Yes.

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    Try to purchase milk that is hormone free. Cows that are injected with bovine growth hormones produce milk with traces of hormones in it. While more studies need to be done about the full effects of these hormones, they probably aren’t completely safe/healthy.

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