Do solar panels put off a lot of radiation?



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    Solar panels do not emit radiation, but absorb it from the sun. If you’re asking whether they put off something hazardous to human health, the danger is not in what is produced during their lifetime, but the chemicals used to manufacture them and those that they can give off after their lifespan of 15-25 years is over. These chemicals can indeed be toxic if not disposed of properly. Some solar power-based companies have acknowledged this, and have started programs to recycle solar panel parts, and to investigate cleaner methods of production.

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    Solar panels can only harm someone during their manufacturing process. Their are chemicals involved in making them. However once they are made, they do not harm you. They do not emit radiation or give off any dangerous fumes. “As reported Solar panels are currently made with various toxic chemicals including silicon. It is a major component in their construction and is a main reason that both must be carefully manufactured and recycled. “

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