Do soccer clubs in the UK travel a lot?



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    It would depend on the schedule of the season. But if you are talking about teams that compete in FIFA and the World Cup, then when they play exhibition games one or both teams are required to travel.

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    Yes of course.  Traveling is a part of sports.  You cant play ever game on the home field. 

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    There are many levels of competition soccer in the UK.  This past season, the longest journey for a league competition in the Premiership, which is the top tier in England, was from Sunderland to Portsmouth — a distance of about 350 miles.  Each team played at the other team’s ground, therefore that trip was effectively made four times. 

    This, though, gives little insight into the travel of clubs in the UK, because that was just league competition — and it was only one league.  There are many domestic competitions (the FA Cup, for example in which Newcastle traveled over 400 miles to play Plymouth Argyle), and the top teams are also involved in European competitions (In the group stage of the UEFA Champions League, Glasgow Rangers traveled to FC Unirea Urziceni, in Urziceni, Romania — a distance of over 2,000 miles).

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