Do snakes ever eat humans?



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    How is this an environmental issue? Well…there have been no records of snakes eating a human being. In fact, most snakes have been known to be venomous and have actually killed humans with a couple of bites. The top 10 venomous snakes are hydrophis belcheri sea snake, hydrophis belcheri, inland taipan, philippine cobra, king cobra, russell’s viper, black mamba, bothrops asper, yellow jawed tommygoff and multibanded krait. Snakes are wondrful animals and play a huge role in our eco system. They are too important for out nature’s ecological balance.


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    Since snakes such as Reticulated Pythons, Anacondas, and Burmese Pythons are big enough to eat an adult, it’s pretty obvious they could eat a small child, for example.

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