Do snails serve any ecologically significant roles?



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    Snails are very interesting critters. Some are terrestrial and some are aquatic. They are an important food source for many other animals. Some of these include birds, fish, snakes, and turtles.

    Snails feed on vegetation, using their radulae (or tongue that is filled with tiny spurs) to scrap matter off from leaves. Aquatic species do so in the water while terrestrial species live in trees or on the ground and feed on plants there.

    Some snails have been introduced to new areas and are outcompeting native species. Apple snails are one example.

    Terrestrial snails around the world are in decline and no one is sure why.

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    They can play ecologically significant roles.  In the Southeast a major marsh dieback was occuring and no one was sure why.  The theory is that snails were munching on the outside of the grasses, leaving them open and exposed to diseases.  It was found in areas where there were high concentrations of snails, there was also high concentration of diseased grasses.  This is a negative role, but can be incredibly significant ecological role.

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