Do smells actually burn your nose?



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    Besides smell, the nose has three important functions, fliters, humidifies, and warms.  The nasal cavity is lined with cilia, blood vessels, and mucus.  Mucus is produced in abundance, 2-4 cups a day, which traps unwanted particles, moves it to the cilia, and sweeps the particle to your stomach to neutralize.  Strong smells affect the cilia, which in turn can led to mucus buildup.       

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    It depends what you’re smelling. If you are around hazardous substances and chemical vapors get into the air, contact with these vapors can burn inside your nose and other parts of your body, like the eyes, throat and lungs. If you smell/inhale substances such as chloroform or formaldehyde, yes, the smell can burn your nose. These are chemical burns. You can still have burning sensations in your nose without having a chemical burn. Allergies, hayfever, colds, and nerve trauma can also give you the feeling that your nose is burned.

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