Do ski resorts make more money if they are green?



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    In the long run they will. Ski resorts will be hit hard if global warming continues. Many resorts are already seeing shorter seasons. Resorts are making an effort to go green and work to improve the habitat around the resort, use electric powered vehicles for transportation on the mountain, and use more efficient snow machines.

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    A ski resort could do many things to be green, thus saving money on their expenses. They can use solar power and motion-sensitve lights in little-used rooms. They can use energy efficient appliances.

    Furthermore, by advertising that they are Green, they may attract additional people to the resort. These people are conservation-oriented and concerned about the environment. They may choose this resort over another that is not as concerned about the environment.

    Combining a reduce in their costs and an increase in visitorship should help the ski resort make more money.

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    Going green is the current trend.  The Ski Area Citizens Coalition has created a “report card” to rate the ski industry on its environmental awareness.  Although this is a relatively new tool, if it gets out and if consumers begin to circulate it, it will force accountability for those ski areas that scored low.  This report card creates a standard that both consumers and the ski industry can follow.  In time as the green movement continues to grow, ski areas that do not comply to environmental changes will lose support as consumers will be more likely to go with the green.

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