Do ski resorts damage the mountain at all when they are built?



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    Environmentally speaking, yes.  Habitat destruction often occurs when large-sale ski resorts are built as room is made for hotels, restaurants, roads, and other developments that come with such an undertaking.  Clear-cutting can also occur to carve routes down the mountain for potential skiers.  Ski resorts have often been high-profile targets for acts of eco-terrorism, including cabins being burned down and property destruction in protest of the damage they are causing on the ecosystems around them.

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    Guyonthewing gave some good examples of damage ski resorts do to the mountain.  Another indirect environmental impact of ski resorts comes from snow making.  To make snow resorts pull water from local rivers, use compressed air snow guns to make snow.  Once the snow melts the water returns to the local river through runoff.  This process is very energy consuming.

    If you are interested in a the environmental impacts of a specific ski area, check out the “ski area scorecare” link below.

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