Do skateboarders damage nature at all?



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    The only possible way they would is by going through lots of actual skateboards, which require trees for the wood. But this is so far offset by not using a car that in terms of their net effect on nature, they are actually doing a lot of good. Since a skateboard can be used to go longer distances then walking, they stop a lot of people from using a car. This is a great means of transportation that is very green.

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    Skateboarding damage is typically done to tops and edges of walls, steps, and benches, with many limestone wall caps being defaced and chipped. Concrete benches are especially vulnerable, and damage is most likely to occur on long smooth surfaces. There is also the possibility that someone will be injured trying to maneuver on site features.

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    One other possible — if highly unlikely way — is via erosion. Skateboarding, like just about any other form of transportation, could loosen soil and damage plants and otherwise increase the rate of erosion. But really, I think evenier has the right of it: skateboards are — especially in comparison to cars and other fuel-powered transportation — very green.

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